summary of open source tools

all of our research lab’s developed open source tools are available to download in github:

  • In Memory Computing
    1. PIMA-SIM: cross-layer memory device to processing-in-memory application evaluation framework
  • Deep Neural Network Compression
    1. Deep Ternary Neural Network: Optimizing Deep Convolution Neural Network with Ternarized Weights and High Accuracy
  • AI Security
    1. Adversarial Example Defense through Parametric Noise Injection: to improve neural network robustness against adversarial input 
    2. Bit-Flip Attack: Crushing Neural Network with Progressive Bit Search: It introduces a Bit-Flip Attack (BFA) algorithm which search and identify the vulnerable bits within a quantized deep neural network
    3. TBT: Targeted Neural Network Attack with Bit Trojan: insert a Trojan through adversarial bit-flip attack
    4.  Defending and Harnessing the Bit-Flip based Adversarial Weight Attack
  • Neuromorphic Computing
    1. Neural Network Evaluation Tool on Crossbar-based Accelerator with Resistive Memory